stephanie's story

Stephanie J. Bond is a SURVIVOR.  After experiencing personal heartbreak of unfathomable proportions, she has dedicated her life to helping others TRANSCEND through their own personal TRAGEDY.  Stephanie’s husband struggled with mental illness throughout the last several years of their marriage.  As his illness escalated, violence and abuse gradually crept into their home; and in 2010, her marriage ended with an attempted murder – suicide. 

Stephanie fought to recover from three nearly fatal gunshot wounds only to discover that she was left with $25MM of debt, a bankrupt estate and virtually no financial resources with which to raise her four children.  In 2012, she moved her family to Dallas, TX.  Through sheer hard work, fierce determination and unrelenting perseverance, Stephanie successfully created a new life for her family and rebuilt her career as an accounting and finance executive in Corporate America.

Stephanie is a TRAUMA EXPERT who refuses to be typecast as a victim. She shuns political correctness and speaks with raw TRANSPARENCY and AUTHENTICITY using her story to shed light on improving the way we view and care for those afflicted with MENTAL ILLNESS.  She has a unique perspective as a caregiver and understands the struggles and decisions that caregivers are faced with. 

Because of her horrific experience, Stephanie has unparalleled insight to the problems we as a society face with respect to gun control.  Stephanie was a victim of numerous loopholes in the legal system and the enforcement of existing laws.  She therefore has a unique perspective on how we can address our societal problem of GUN VIOLENCE.

She exemplifies RESILIENCE, believes in the power of FAITH and understands the importance of COMMUNITY . . . especially during times of unimaginable GRIEF.